England V Pakistan ODI

EngPak2 (108)

Lord’s Pavilion, built in 1889-1890 designed by Thomas Verity 


This weekend I went to Lord’s cricket ground to watch the one-day international series England v Pakistan. This was the 2nd match of the series. It may surprise some people that I’m a bit of cricket fan, especially the Pakistan team, they are great to watch. Lord’s is a lovely ground, we had great seats on row 2 in the Compton Stand so the view was brilliant.

I had a great opportunity to get some good action shots of the event:

Pakistan batted first with a score of 251/10 all out so England had a run for their money to catch them after lunch and eventually won the match by 4 wickets, it was an exciting match.

EngPak2 (27)

Sarfraz celebrating his century

EngPak2 (102)

A Mexican wave made it halfway round the stands after starting at our section!


All in all a fab day with a chance to add to my portfolio and develop skills in event photography.

#JeeTayGa ! Let’s see what the next 3 matches in the series brings….



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